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Specialists in organics and making soil health work for you!

OFS was established in 1995, originally as a consulting business. Since 2009, we have been providing quality natural, organic and zero residue farm inputs (backed up with our technical expertise) to help growers meet their organic and sustainable farming objectives.

Modern agriculture has focused on chemical solutions to resolve problems, resulting in a steady decline in soil quality and poor nutrient availability. Growing numbers of farmers are seeing the benefits of improving soil health and moving to more sustainable farming practices. This is resulting in improved yields, crop health and profits.

Why we can help.
We have been in the business of sustainable agriculture for over 20 years.
  • Expertise – our founder, Steven David, is a University trained agronomist who has worked in the chemical industry for 12 years (was national marketing manager of multi-national) prior to moving into sustainable agriculture in 1995.
  • Experienced agronomists around Australia  – QLD/NSW Scott Humphreys (bringing a wealth of knowledge of the vegetable industry with 20+ years experience in QLD); SA Simonne Read (experienced and well respected agronomist with extensive knowledge of the horticulture industry); VIC/TAS Una Woodhouse (20+ years proven expertise in horticulture industry)
  • Easy supply – we have a national distribution chain in Australia through the Aglink group.
  • Results Organic – our organic growers are getting great crops, yields & returns with our programs and are optimistic about the future – organics are in demand!
  • Results Conventional – growers are using our targeted soil health strategies to improve yield, quality & help crops through stress events
Why Organics?

Demand outstripping supply by to 40%

Organic farming has been one of the economy’s best performing industries over the past 5 years. Global demand fro organic produce is rising with ongoing high levels of health consciousness (IBIS world stats).

The latest Australian Organic Market Report (2014) reveals the nation’s organic industry is worth $1.72 billion, up by 35% since 2012 and growing by over 15% each year.

Our organic growers are optimistic, with great prices, high demand and thriving crops.

Talk to us about how to start converting some plots to organic to take advantage of this growth industry.

The Rodale Institute in the USA has run a comparison of organic v conventional agriculture since 1981.

The 30 year report on this side-by-side trial shows:

  • Organic yields match conventional yields – after early years
  • Organic outperforms conventional in years of drought.
  • Organic farming systems build rather than deplete soil organic matter, making it a more sustainable system.
  • Organic farming uses 45% less energy and is more efficient (mainly as a result of N fertilisers)
  • Conventional systems produce 40% more greenhouse gases (N fertilisers again).
  • Organic farming systems are more profitable than conventional – this reflect what we see in the field, good organic growers are expanding rapidly.

Just shows that organics done properly can be a very profitable and sustainable method of producing crops.

Why Sustainable and Biological Farming

A growing number of farmers are seeing the benefits of organic production or simply including “softer options”, soil health and sustainable farming practices in their programs. This is resulting in improved yields, crop health and profits.

Sustainability needs to be …

  • Economic- farms need to be profitable
  • Ecological- enhancing soil-plant activity to improve plant health, yield & quality
  • Environmental- to make our world a better place to live

OFS products are suitable for a wide range of crops including fruit & nut trees, vines, vegetables and broad-acre crops. They are available throughout Australia through the AgLink group – see distribution map.

Go to our trials section which demonstrates how sustainable farming pays.

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