Crop Stress – Yield and quality are impacted by many stress events throughout the growing season.
Adding targeted biological soil & crop health inputs at key times support your crop through stress events.

OFS crop stress programs outline when the key stress events are for each crop and provide solutions to help your crop through these events.

Biological inputs provide targeted benefits when your crop is under pressure that synthetic fertilisers cannot.

Soil health inputs target 4 key areas that help reduce stress on crops:
  • Microbial diversity – enough variety to suppress disease
  • Microbial activity – enough microbes to suppress disease
  • Active Carbon – feeds microbes; improves moisture holding capacity of soil
  • Energise the plant – improve root growth and photosynthesis; reduce crop stress
Why these 4 areas are key

A recent survey by QLD DAF measured the level of disease in roots of conventional and organic bananas and tomatoes, and discovered less disease in organic versus conventional crops. They then looked at the different programs used to understand why there was less disease in organic crops and found organic programs were using inputs that were promoting microbial activity and diversity plus adding carbon. OFS soil health programs are based around building microbial activity and diversity; adding carbon PLUS energising the plant with biostimulants to help the crop through stress events.

Countless published papers in the world support the use of these biological inputs to improve soil health and support crops under stress.

It is important to understand when these stress events occur for your crop and apply an appropriate stimulant program.

Programs to help your crop through stress events.

Getting effective targeted soil health strategies to your crops when they are under stress.

Problem - Above 30 deg C the rate of photosynthesis is reduced & at higher temperatures at key crop stages yield & quality are affected.

Solution – Agents in Super Kelp activate plant growth & heat tolerance.

Trees and vines susceptible in Spring.

Super Kelp & Vitazyme contain ingredients that helps cross through severe cold.

Moisture management from $1/ha

Active carbon improves moisture management.

Super Kelp improves root growth.

Building microbial activity and diversity for healthy crops

Small changes can make a big difference!

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