Active Carbon is humic and Fulvic acid.

This is the main active component of soil organic matter that can be used by soil microbes as an energy source.

Adding active carbon to your crop is the cost-effective and efficient way to get the benefits of organic matter to your crop (multiple research).

Why active carbon works:
  • Provides a charged surface to hold onto nutrients
  • Microbes use active carbon to improve soil structure, retain moisture & reduce disease
OFS active carbon options
  • Humus 26 – liquid concentrate – 26% potassium humate and fulvate
  • Humus 100 – >80% Potassium humate and fulvate – >98% soluble powder
  • Fol-Up – 10% Potassium fulvate liquid
  • Fulvic Acid Powder – >90% Potassium fulvate; >98% soluble powder
  • Vital Earth Pellets – 40% humic & fulvic; 38% silicate
We recommend using active carbon every
time you fertilise to:
Humus 26 Leaflet

Liquid concentrate of humic & fulvic acid - cost effective active carbon.

Humus 100 Leaflet

>88% humic & fulvic as powder, 98% soluble - all the benefits of active carbon.

Vital Earth Leaflet

Pelletised active carbon source - mined in Australia.

Fol-Up Leaflet

8.5% Potassium fulvate liquid - boosts response times by plants to fertiliser.

Fulvic Acid Powder Leaflet

>85% fulvic acid powder; 98% soluble - fulvic acid is widely known for its ability to improve the uptake of nutrients by plants in leaf & soil applications.

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