The first rule of navigation is to determine where you are now and with the understanding of your objective, map out a route to get there.

Soil analysis helps with the understanding of where we are now, having a plan or program in place is how we are going to get to our objective and tissue analysis monitors our progress.

OFS services include:

  • Testing – soil, tissue, microbial – with recommendations
  • Organic programs
  • Crop nutritional programs
  • Crop Stress Programs – Including soil health strategies
  • Composting – on farm consultation
  • Agronomic Advice – on farm or phone consultation
Managing soil and fertiliser programs efficiently

  • Soil tests provide the basis for managing soil efficiently.
  • Tissue tests provide information on whether nutrients are being absorbed.

OFS has 20+ years developing organic programs with growers. Call us to discuss.

  • Free tailored organic programs
  • Local agronomy support
  • Local supply

20 plus years of expertise

Experts in:

  • Setting up on-site composting facilities on farm
  • Developing farm management plans incorporating compost
  • Staff Training Packages – producing quality compost and soil organic matter management

Compost demonstration results

  • Broad-acre Results
  • Horticulture Results
  • Full Report

Small changes can make a big difference!

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it all starts with the soil