We have an extensive range of inputs to:
  • Help build humus – multiple options.
  • Supply nutrients – organic crops typically run short on nitrogen. We have multiple options.
  • Build microbial activity and diversity to help with disease and crop health.

Compost – we know compost. 20 years ago we were setting up compost facilities on farm. We ran the largest compost demonstration project Australia has seen. Talk to us to decide if compost is the best way to start or if other options are best for you. Our understanding of the needs of organic farming processes, soil amendments and natural crop nutrition puts OFS in a unique position to help agronomists and growers use the OFS products in organic agriculture.

Summary of OFS Products

A summary of all products certified organic. Most are NOP compliant (yellow sticker).

Summary of Organic Nitrogen options

Organic crops often run short of nitrogen which is seen as pale crops and reduced yields. We have 4 high analysis options.

Small changes can make a big difference!

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