Liquid Calcium

Liquid suspension of micronised lime
Provides a microbe friendly source of calcium for improved soil and plant health
  • 10 litres of Liquid Calcium provides 4.5kg of available calcium which is the same amount as is immediately available in 1 tonne of lime
  • For use via irrigation or as a soil drench

Liquid Calcium is a free flowing energised liquid suspension of micronised lime. It provides a microbe friendly source of calcium.

Calcium Calcium plays the leadership role in the soil, is essential for cell wall development in plants and must be present for the formation of new cells. Plants frequently struggle to access sufficient calcium to keep up with the extra cell division needed at growing points and root tips, even when soil levels appear adequate.

Calcium helps create a healthy soil environment for plants and it improves uptake of other nutrients to the plant. As the calcium content in the plant decreases, so can the protein, energy level and minerals of the plant. Calcium stimulates growth of “soil life”, including nitrogen-fixing bacteria.

  • Calcium is essential for proper cell wall development in plants.
  • Calcium solubility must be maintained for crop demand.
  • A soil with balanced calcium is friable and easily worked.
  • When calcium and other cations are balanced, root health, nutrient availability and up- take is increased.
  • Calcium reduces the toxicity effect of magnesium and effect of soil born fungi such as root rot and phytophthora.
  • Many fertilisers remove calcium from the soil. This can be expensive and dangerous to soil health.

Add to full fertigation tank under agitation. Ensure tank is under constant agitation during use.

This product contains solid material and may leave residue on leaves or in irrigation systems. If this is a concern then apply via soil drench.

Always agitate drum contents before use.


Pre-plant (injection): 5 – 10L/ha

Via irrigation: 5 – 10L/ha

Minimum dilution rate: 1 : 50 Liquid Calcium to water

Calcium – 32%

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