Liquid Gypsum.

Suspension of micronised gypsum
Microbe friendly source of calcium and sulphur, two commonly deficient nutrients, that improve soil and plant health
  • Improves soil structure of sodic soils
  • For use via irrigation or as a soil drench

OFS Liquid Gypsum is based on natural gypsum. Its prime function is to improve the structure of sodic soils by dissolving in the soil solution. Its effects are both immediate and long term. Its immediate effect, after dissolving in rain or irrigation water, is to reduce the swelling and dispersion of clay particles. This in turn, increases infiltration and drainage of water, particularly in sodic clay soils.

The longer term benefit is for the calcium content of the gypsum to displace sodium ions from the soil. This further reduces the swelling and dispersion of the clay particles. Liquid Gypsum is micronized which enhances the benefits over conventional gypsum.

Pre-mix thoroughly with equal quantity of water prior to adding to spray tank. Add to full fertigation tank under agitation. Ensure tank is under constant agitation during use. For best result use with spray oil.

This product contains solid material and may leave residue on leaves or in irrigation systems. If this is a concern then apply via soil drench.

Always agitate drum contents before use.


Pre-plant (injection) : 5-10L/ha

Via irrigation : 5-10L/ha

Minimum dilution rate: 1:50 Liquid Gypsum to water

Calcium – 32% w/v Sulphur – 3%

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