New Era High N

8% N pelletised fertiliser (NPK 8-1-1)
A high quality, high analysis pelletised organic fertiliser.
  • Provides a microbe friendly source of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for improved soil and plant health.
  • High N provides a combination of immediately available and slow release nitrogen.

Nitrogen is a major constituent of several of the most important substances which occur in plants. It is of special importance because nitrogen compounds comprise 40-50% of the dry matter in protoplasm (the living substance in cells). Consequently plants require relatively large amounts of nitrogen to sustain all growth processes. Insufficient nitrogen can result in stunted or relatively under-developed plants and severely reduce yields.

Organic farmers use manure/compost based crop nutrition systems that often over supply phosphorus and under supply nitrogen.

New Era High N is a convenient cost-effective source of nitrogen with low P levels. Making it cost-effective source of that extra N required for optimum crop growth.

Use as a side-dress or pre-plant.

Apply 200kg – 1t/ha (20 – 200g/sq.m)

Confirm your crop requirements via soil and tissue analysis.

N – 8.0%
P – 1.0%
K – 1.0%
Ca – 1.0%
S – 0.25%
Mg – 0.14%

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