New Era Premium

High quality pelletised organic fertiliser
Premium Organic Fertiliser

Includes meat meal, bone meal, fish meal, seaweed extract, composted poultry manure, sulphate of potash, soft rock phosphate for stronger plants.

Ideal pre-plant for vegetables & basal fertiliser for fruit trees.


  • Excellent source of plant nutrients
  • Full range of nutrients from multiple ingredients
  • Living microbiology with added fish meal to feed soil microbes
  • Carbon 25%

The microbe friendly source of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium plus carbon support soil biological life, helps balance soil, improves nutrient cycling and mobilises soil nutrient reserves.

The major difference between organic/sustainable fertilisers and synthetic fertilisers is the effect on beneficial soil biology and the solubility of the fertiliser. New Era Premium encourages better overall plant growth naturally. It is designed as a pre-plant or basal fertiliser to provide natural plant nutrients for all crops.

Use as a pre-plant or basal fertiliser.

Apply 200kg – 2t/ha (20 – 200g/sq.m) according to crop needs.

(Confirm your crop requirements via soil analysis.)

N – 3.8%
P – 3.1%
K – 4%
Ca – 6.3%
S – 1.6%
Mg – 0.7%
Fe – 0.2%
Zn – 0.03%
Mn – 0.03%
Si – 1.4%

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