Vital Earth

New Product - Active carbon made in Australia from local peat
Vital Earth improves fertiliser efficiency by improving nutrient and water retention.

Vital Earth contains active carbon (humic and fulvic acid) which improves the efficiency of nitrogen fertiliser by up to 35%.


Active carbon

  •  provides a charged surface to hold onto nutrients. (multiple international articles)
  •  lowers soil microsite pH immediately around the fertiliser, reducing hydrolysis of urea and thus reducing ammonia loss (Rosliza 2009)
  •  indirectly affects the availability of ammonium through stabilization of extracellular enzymes such as urease. Since urease is the key enzyme which decomposes urea to ammonia, application of urea along with humic and fulvic acid slows down the transformation of urea to ammonium. (Activity of urease in humic acid treatments much lower than urea treatment during first 5 days and then the activity was maintained at 50 – 60% for the following 16 days) – Dong 2009

Vital Earth is a natural source of active carbon and is becoming an important tool to improve soil and plant health.

In addition to improving nutrient availability and water retention, there is a large body of evidence that show how humic and fulvic acids stimulate plant growth.

By applying humic and fulvic acids to soil or leaf there are direct changes to plasma membranes that inturn stimulate

  •  Root growth (there are 240 known auxin like molecules in humic substances), and
  •  Nutrient uptake (direct effect on plant membrane transporters that makes plant membranes more permeable to nutrients)
  •  Proton pump – mechanism which releases protons (H ions) into soil and takes up Calcium ions (& other cations)

So active carbon has multiple benefits and Vital Earth is fast becoming an important tool used to improve soil and plant health.

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