June 7, 2016

Soil Mineral/Nutrient Analysis OFS Soil Analysis provides the basis for managing soil efficiently and providing nutrients for your crop. It is the first step towards biological farming, maximising soil biological activity, building soil structure, addressing field limitations and nutritional demands of future crops. The OFS Soil Analysis is a comprehensive analysis including soil minerals (Ca,...

June 7, 2016

We provide comprehensive organic programs, so your crops can thrive ..... free programs!! For those farmers that want to incorporate the most ecologically integrated processes and products on their farm we can help you with the following: Free tailored organic programs to suit a wide range of horticultural and cereal crops. The organic crops thrive,...

June 7, 2016

20 plus years of expertise in: Composting on farm Large scale compost facility establishment Using compost - OFS ran the largest compost demonstration project (over a 3 year period) there has ever been in Australia OFS Composting examples Compost is a way of returning safe, easily mineralised, organic matter, or humus, to the soil. Even...

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