20 plus years of expertise in:
  • Composting on farm
  • Large scale compost facility establishment
  • Using compost – OFS ran the largest compost demonstration project (over a 3 year period) there has ever been in Australia

Compost is a way of returning safe, easily mineralised, organic matter, or humus, to the soil. Even though organic matter is a relatively small fraction of soil content, it can have a dynamic influence on the health of the soil as a whole.

Organic Farming Systems has been advisor (and operator in some cases) for the development of many compost sites in Western Australia, and has consulted with and trained clients in all states of Australia.

Expert in Compost Production

Our extensive Compost Consultancy Services include:

  • Feasibility studies, including financial aspects and site assessment
  • Quality control systems for producing quality compost
  • Monitoring of compost quality
  • Trouble shooting compost production problems
  • Staff training packages – producing quality compost every time; soil organic matter management
  • Compost facility establishment and management using a range of inputs including municipal solid waste (MSW), green waste, animal manure, cardboard, straw, abattoir waste and more
  • Compost use in agriculture
  • Marketing of compost to farmers
  • Farm management plans integrating compost into cost-effective and sustainable farming practices
  • Seminar speaker – soil organic matter management, compost production

Organic Farming Systems ran the largest farmĀ compost demonstration project in Australia, highlighting the benefits of compost to both broad-acre and horticultural farmers. This project demonstrated outstanding improvements in soil fertility and crop yields using MSW compost.

Organic Farming Systems’ extensive knowledge and understanding of compost means we know how and when to apply compost to maximise returns to farmers. This was evident in the large scale Farm Compost Demonstration Project where flexibility and innovation were critical in achieving such positive outcomes. Many innovative approaches were used in this project, including trialling cost effective pellets, examining residual effects of compost and examining microbiological activity in the soil after compost application, to name a few.

Clients have included Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council (Red Hill green waste composting), Southern Metropolitan Regional Council (quality control program – Canningvale), Rottnest Island Authority, Cape Mentelle Vineyards, The Compost Company, Custom Composts and Compost Resources.

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