Plants are most susceptible to cold & frost damage in spring.

The effect of spring frosts on fruit, nut and grape production needs little explanation.

Plant stimulants like Super Kelp and Vitazyme have been used extensively in Australia and overseas to improve the tolerance of crops to frost. Technically they act in a number of different ways, including improving brix levels and reducing the freezing point of plant cells. This is supported by independent research.

Frost Program

Super Kelp at 5L/ha in 1,000L water

Vitazyme at 1L/ha in 1,000L water

Ideally the first applications should be made 36 hours prior to the frost event, and both products can be mixed with 0.5% MKP to help strengthen the plant.

Repeat as required.

The pamphlet below has more details.

Frost Tolerance

Crops are most susceptible in Spring

Super Kelp Leaflet

More information about Super Kelp

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