Soil moisture management.

Humic acid is a highly concentrated form of the most active part of soil humus (carbon). It is extremely cost-effective from only a few dollars per ha.

Humic acid improves drought resistance by:

  • Improving moisture holding capacity of soils.
  • Improving soil structure like no other input can.
  • Working at the cellular level.
  • Increasing the water content of leaves.
Super Kelp improves root growth and resilience during dry periods

Kelp improves drought tolerance by:

  • Enhanced water uptake by the plant as a direct result of increased root growth.
  • Stimulating changes in the plant’s metabolic pathways, allowing roots access to moisture not normally available to plants.
  • Cytokinins in kelp slowing the rate of the plant’s degradation processes.
  • Cytokinins & betaines in kelp increasing turgidity of cell walls ie water less likely to flow our of cells.
  • Increasing chlorophyll ie improving photosynthesis.
  • Improving the moisture-holding capacity.
  • Enhancing potassium uptake which also induces heat tolerance.

Read pdf below for more detailed explanation.

Drought tolerance with active carbon (moisture) and kelp (root growth)

Super Kelp Leaflet

Vitazyme leaflet

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