Our goal is to help farmers not only improve yields, but also improve quality and consistency of produce.

OFS trials demonstrate targeted soil health inputs improve growth & yield and help crops through stress events.

The key soil health strategies to improve productivity are:

  • Improve microbial activity
  • Improve microbial diversity
  • Increase active carbon
  • Energise the plant

We are committed to supporting the effectiveness and economics of current products whilst commercialising new environmentally sound solutions.

Microbial Activity

Feeding soil microbes ensures there is enough biological activity to get plant & soil health benefits.

Fish Emulsion and Fish Plus are our products designed to increase microbe numbers.

Soil microbes:

  • Improve nutrient availability
  • Reduce root disease
  • Improve water penetration and retention
Microbial Diversity

Multiple research articles have demonstrated microbial diversity helps create healthy plants and disease suppressive soils.

OFS has two key  products to enhance  microbial diversity:

  • MicroPlus – multiple microbe mix – Mycorrhiza (4 species), Trichoderma (2 species), Bacillus (2 species), Streptomyces, Pseudomonas (2 species), Nitrogen fixing bacteria –  billions of microbes to activate plant nutrient uptake.
  • Actinobact – Streptomyces sp and Bacillus subtilise – billions of fast acting beneficial bacteria that deliver healthy plant root systems by colonising the root surface.
Active carbon – cost-effective soil health

(wealth of international research)

  • Provides a charged surface to hold onto nutrients
  • Microbes use active carbon to improve soil structure, retain moisture & reduce disease

OFS has many active carbon options:

  • Humus 100 – >88% Potassium humate and fulvate – > 98% soluble powder
  • Fol-Up – 10% Potassium fulvate liquid
  • Fulvic Acid Powder – >90% Potassium fulvate >98% soluble powder
  • Vital Earth Pellets – 40% humic & fulvic; 38% silicate
Energise the plant

Biostimulants energise plants by:

  • Stimulating root growth
  • Improving photosynthesis

OFS has 2 key biostimulants:

  • Super Kelp – reduces stress, stimulates root growth
    (wealth of international research)
  • Vitazyme – stimulates growth, increases energy
    (500+ studies over 20+years)

Small changes can make a big difference!

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