Technical Topics

Organic Farming Systems’ information packages are designed to provide you with general information about organic and sustainable farming.

Heat Stress in Tree, Vine and Vegetable Crops

Helping your tree, vine and vegetable crops through heat stress.

Flood Damage to Tree Crops

Recommended program to maximise recovery of trees in flood affected areas.

Improving Frost Tolerance in Tree and Vine Crops

Plants are most susceptible to frost damage in Spring. Kelps provide an extra degree or two tolerance to frost ... see our data.

Organic Nitrogen for organic growers

Providing supplementary N that is cost-effective has been a fundamental challenge for organic growers.

Hold onto Nitrogen with Humates

Humates improve nitrogen retention in the soil. Nitrogen loss is dramatically reduced using humates with fertiliser.

Improving colour in grapes

Some grape varieties are difficult to colour up. Research has shown Vitazyme helps colour up grapes.

2012 Organics in Australian Agriculture Summary

We've summarised the latest 2012 data on organics in agriculture in Australia and overseas.

Best practice tree and vine establishment

Here's how to establish orchards and vineyards as future profitability is also estabished at this time.

Improving water & fertiliser efficiency

Now you can improve water and fertiliser efficiency while maintaining or improving profitability.

Birds on Farms - friends or foe?

Birds can be a major pest on some crops, but there are many bird species that feed on insect pests.

Can sand be turned into clay?

Humus can help sand act more like clay partlicles.

Converting to Organic Viticulture

An outline of some of the processes we go through in assisting farmers move to more biological systems.

Crop Rotation in Vegetables

Crop rotation can increase yields by 10 to 15%

Earthworms - silent workers

You can judge the health of your soil by the number of earthworms in it.

Humus - improving soil phosphate productivity

Humates have been shown to improve phosphate availablity - phosphates are prone to fixation in the soil.

Increase Calcium at Flowering

Calcium is the leading soil nutrient and is important for fruit quality.

Nutrient Cycling

Nutrient cycling is the breakdown of organic matter by soil microbes.

Organic Fertiliser versus Chemical

The major difference is solubility of nutrients.

Organic Management Plans

We provide comprehensive organic management plans.

Organic Vegetable Feasibility

We undertake feasibility studies to assess the profitability of setting up an organic property.

Post Harvest Nitrogen and Phosphorus Applications

In many tree and vine crops there is a period of root activity after harvest where it can be beneficial to apply N and P.

Transition to Organic Farming

The conversion to organic growing is generally straight forward once you are committed to sustainable agriculture.

Small changes can make a big difference!

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