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We know organics – 20 plus years of expertise

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Soil Health

It all starts with the soil – we can help you with productivity with cost-effective solutions

Actinobact roots V2

Crop Stress

Effective targeted soil health strategies to help your crops through stress events


New Product

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New – Organic-N

Now with 10% N and 23% Fulvic Acid


New – Organic-Ca

Rapidly available liquid Calcium.

Organic-Ca V3


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Organic Farming Systems

Leading Australian supplier of sustainable and organic fertilisers, and soil and crop health products.

Stronger Plants – Better Yields – Higher Profits

Committed to helping growers get benefits of soil health cost effectively.
  1. Crop Health
  2. Nutrient availability
  3. Soil Structure
  4. Yield

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What our growers want most:

Committed to helping growers develop and expand their organic operations to meet ever grower consumer demands.
  • 20 years agronomic expertise in organic programs.
  • Organic growers are optimistic about the future, getting good prices and are struggling to match demand.
  • Talk to us about your operation and how to get high quality organic produce cost effectively.